Working principle of Dth Hammer
The working principle of Dth Hammer mainly involves compressed air driving the piston to reciprocate in the cylinder, thereby generating impact energy, which is ultimately transmitted to the drill bit for drilling operations. Specifically:
Advantages of Dth Hammer
High efficiency: The advanced design of Dth Hammer can provide ideal energy transfer, large single impact power and fast rock drilling speed, thus significantly improving drilling efficiency. ‌In addition, ‌its unique taper diameter-reducing design‌can reduce the lifting resistance when the drilling rig is lifted if gravel and soil are stuck when drilling,‌which greatly reduces the impactor's inability to lift. Out of the fault occurs, ‌ further ensures work efficiency. ‌
Scientific operation of diamond rope coring drill bit
The use of diamond rope coring drill bit must be carried out step by step according to the operation requirements, and it should not be rushed, and the assembly, deployment and maintenance of the drill tool must be done well.
Advantages of wireline coring drill bits
Improving drilling efficiency: The rope coring drilling process allows the extraction of cores without lifting the drill rod. This process reduces the number of times the drill is lifted and lowered and the auxiliary time of lifting and lowering the drill tool, thereby increasing the pure drilling time and improving drilling efficiency. ‌In addition, the process also has the characteristics of high drilling speed, long life of diamond drill bits and high time rate, which further improves work ef
What are the advantages of button bit?
The advantages of button bit are mainly reflected in the improvement of drilling speed, extension of life, and reduction of costs. ‌
Specifications of button drill bits
The specifications of button drill bits include 28, 30, 32, 36, 38, 40, 42, 64, 76, 89, etc. These specifications range from the smaller 28mm to the larger 89mm, suitable for different projects and application scenarios. The button drill bits are designed to provide efficient drilling capabilities, especially in projects such as mines and tunnels, and their service life and service life have obvious advantages over traditional sheet drill bits. For example, the 40mm and 42mm button drill bits ar
Introduction to the principles of heat treatment process selection for H22 drill rods, come and collect them!
H22 drill rods are tools that connect drill bits and rock drills in tunnel engineering. H22 drill rods used in mine tunnel engineering are generally hexagonal hollow steel and hollow round steel. The inscribed circle diameter of hexagonal hollow steel is 22mm and 25mm, and the outer diameter of hollow round steel is 32mm and 38mm. Steel drill rods are finished steel and forged steel. Finished drill rods are forged to a certain length, and then the drill bit is directly installed to drill holes.
How to buy a trolley drill rod?
Understand the characteristics of the drill rod. The trolley drill rod is a drill tool that uses an alloy steel pipe to thicken the upsetting heads at both ends, turn the small pitch tapered thread, and connect it with a locking joint. It is used in the field of geological exploration to transmit the drilling torque to the bottom hole drill bit and is responsible for transmitting the drilling fluid. Common connection methods include male and female connections (tapered threads) and joint connect
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